Our company has successfully mastered the gaseous oxygen extraction technology from air using adsorption and cryogenic methods. These technologies are widely used in medicine and industry to obtain high-purity oxygen.

Adsorption Technology

Adsorption separation method is based on the absorption of the formed gas by a special adsorbent substance principle. Compressed air entering the separating column under pressure is separated into components – oxygen is delivered to the consumer, while other gases are gradually retained by the adsorbent in the column. At the next gas separation stage the adsorbent is cleaned from the absorbed gas by depressurizing or increasing the temperature. Such units are perfectly suited for high concentration oxygen – up to 95% – production.

Cryogenic Technology

The cryogenic unit’s operation principle is based on air liquefaction and its subsequent distribution into nitrogen, oxygen and argon. First of all, the air is compressed by a compressor, then, after overcoming heat exchangers, it expands in a detander with a temperature drop to -180 °C and transforms into a liquid state. A further distinction is made due to the different boiling points of the ingredients: during the stepwise evaporation of the liquid air, most of the nitrogen is evaporated first, while the remaining liquid becomes increasingly oxygenated. Thus, oxygen in liquid or gaseous structure is obtained when leaving the unit.


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